Published on: August 31, 2023

Chandra’s Surface Thermo physical Experiment (ChaSTE)

Chandra’s Surface Thermo physical Experiment (ChaSTE)

Why in news?  ISRO releases graph of temperature variation of topsoil in lunar South Pole by ChaSTE


  • The payload has a temperature probe equipped with a controlled penetration mechanism capable of reaching a depth of 10 cm beneath the surface.
  • Operation is carried out by means of inserting a probe consisting of thermal sensors in to the lunar regolith using a motor based mechanism.
  • ChaSTE is on board with Vikram Lander and Chandrayaan-3 probe showed 50°C difference between moon’s surface and 10 cm below

What is ChaSTE?

  • Chandra’s Surface Thermo physical Experiment (ChaSTE) measures the temperature profile of the lunar topsoil around the South Pole, to understand the thermal behaviour of the moon’s surface.
  • It aims at in-situ measurements of thermal conductivity and temperature profile on the lunar surface to derive the vertical temperature gradient up to a depth of 100 mm at the site of landing.
  • It was developed jointly by the Physical Research Laboratory(PRL), Ahmedabad and the Space Physics Laboratory(SPL), VSSC, Trivandrum.
  • The flight model for chandrayaan-2 has been delivered in 2017.