Published on: October 31, 2023

Dasara tableaux awards 2023

Dasara tableaux awards 2023

Why in news? The Dasara tableaux subcommittee has announced the prizes for the tableaux that participated in the vijayadashami held in Mysuru city


  • 49 tableaux from all the districts took part in procession that showcased the richness , heritage and culture
  • 31 of them representing their respective districts and the rest 18 representing different Government Departments.
  • Gumate dance by Shri Mallikharjuna Kudubi Holi Janapada Kalasangha, from Heggunje in Udupi district has been adjudged as the best art team in the Dasara procession.

Award list

  • Tableaux from Chamarajanagara, Dharwad and Chikkamagaluru districts won best still in district category
  • In the category of departments, Department of Corporation , Department of tourism ,Cauvery irrigation corporation, Department of News and Public relations won the first prize
  • KMF has received the incentive prize

About Tableaux

  • Chamarajanagar district featured folklore art, the statue of Lord Male Mahadeshwara and the district’s rich forests.
  • Chikkamagalur district featured its trademark Coffee with the theme ‘Bettadinda Battalige’ (From the Hills to the Cup).
  • Dharwad district tableau featured its popular sweet ‘Dharwad Peda’ and the Dharwad Buffalo with the theme ‘Dharwadi Yemme, Namma Hemme’.
  • The tableau of Information and Public Relations Department featured a replica of the Five Guarantee Schemes announced by the Government
  • Women and Child Welfare Department featured a replica of Gruha Lakshmi Guarantee scheme and other plans and programmes of the Department.