Published on: September 6, 2023



Why in news? The National e-Governance Division (NeGD) is set to integrate Personalised Adaptive Learning (PAL) into its existing Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA) platform.


  • PAL’s is a software-based approach that allow each student to have an individualised learning experience over the course of the curriculum based on their unique needs and abilities using Artifical intelligence
  • Ex: If a student of Class 9 is learning the Pythagoras theorem and makes a calculation mistake, the AI learning system flags it and loops the student back to a basic video of how to make the calculation.
  • Launched by: National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) under the Ministry of Education


  • It is a national portal for school education. This platform provides tools for teachers in schools, student educators in teacher education institutes (TEIs), and teacher educators in TEIs.
  • It is built considering the whole teacher’s life cycle – from the time student teachers enrol in Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs) to after they retire as teachers.
  • The platform played important role during the COVID-19 pandemic in facilitating professional development for educators and online learning


  • It helps teachers create training materials, profiles, classroom resources, assessment assistance, news, and announcements, and connect with the teaching community.
  • Content : It will explore content published by NCERT, CBSE, NIOS and state government syllabus
  • Portal will offer a wide range of resources, including audio books, Indian Sign Language (ISL) videos, and dictionaries.


  • Platform engages teachers, students, and parents with educational materials related to the prescribed school curriculum
  • Textbooks can be easily accessed through scanning  QR codes.


  • On 2020, the Union Ministry of HRD launched VidyaDaan 2.0 on DIKSHA and supported by NCERT
  • The main purpose of the platform is to contribute to e-learning content and help learners continue their education anywhere and anytime in the country.
  • Program appeals individuals and organizations across the country, to contribute e-learning resources in the field of education to continue quality education for students across India.