Published on: June 5, 2021


DRAFT MODEL RULES FOR LIVE-STREAMING AND RECORDING OF COURT PROCEEDINGS What is the news : The e-Committee, Supreme Court of India has released the Draft Model Rules for Live-Streaming and Recording of Court Proceedings and has invited inputs, feedback and suggestions on it from all the stakeholders.

purchase Lyrica in canada Aim of this move: Draft Model rules were released with the aim of bringing greater transparency, inclusivity and access to justice.

What are those rules:

  • Draft rules excludes- matrimonial matters & transfer petitions arising thereunder, cases concerning sexual offences & proceedings under Section 376 (rape) of Indian Penal Code and cases concerning gender-based violence against women- from live-streaming.
  • Final decision on Live-streaming of Proceedings will be taken by Bench and will be guided by principle of open and transparent judicial process.
  • It provides a balanced regulatory framework for live streaming and recording of court proceedings.
  • Cameras will be installed in courtroom covering five angles- towards the Bench, towards advocates engaged in concerned matter, towards accused and towards deponent or witness.
  • Rules employs an electronic evidence presentation system to capture an additional feed.
  • As per rules, Remote-control device to pause or stop live-streaming at any time will be provided to presiding judge on bench.
  • To decongest court rooms, dedicated room will be allocated within the court premises to view live- stream.

About e-committee: Committee comprised of judges from Bombay High Court (HC), Delhi HC, Madras HC, Karnataka HC to frame draft live streaming rules. Committee invited inputs, feedback and suggestions on draft rules from all stakeholders.

Which articles grants power to frame rules: These rules were framed by High Court of Judicature in accordance with Article 225 and Article 227 of Constitution.