Published on: July 20, 2021



What : Voluntary organizations controlled by their farmer-members who actively participate in setting their policies and making decisions.

 Benefits :

  • All persons will use their services without discrimination
  • Operatives provide education and training for their farmer-members
  • Engage farmers in collective farming and address productivity issues emanating from small farm sizes.
  • Provide low-cost and quality inputs to member farmers
  • Aggregation of produce and bulk transport reduces marketing cost, thus, enhancing net income of the producer
  • Regular supply of produce and quality control is possible through proper planning and management
  • Access to financial resources against the stock, without collaterals.

Associated Challenges

  • Lack of trained manpower who can manage business professionally
  • Not financially strong enough to deliver vibrant products and services to their members and build confidence
  • Inadequate Access to Credit
  • Inadequate access to basic infrastructure required for aggregation like transport facilities, storage, value addition and processing, brand building and marketing