Published on: August 20, 2022

Gaur safari

Gaur safari

Why in news?

The proposed gaur safari in Shivamogga district will soon become a reality as nine gaurs from Mysuru zoo have been safely transported to the new facility in recent days, to facilitate the setting up of one of the new attractions.


  • The Zoo Authority of Karnataka (ZAK) embarked on this first major safari project after a gap of two years. The Central Zoo Authority has given the nod to what is reckoned to be the country’s first safari dedicated to gaurs.
  • The zoo has been permitted by the CZA to give away 21 gaurs to the safari. So far, nine gaurs have been transported to Shivamogga and the remaining ones will also be shifted soon.
  • The gaurs are being released on an expanse of 75 acres identified for the safari.

About the safari

  • The Indian Gaur safari is coming up on the outskirts of Shivamogga at Tyavarekoppa where other safaris exist and are very popular.
  • The gaur safari is the fourth in Shivamogga after lion, tiger and herbivore safari. Perhaps, in terms of gate collections and footfall, Shivamogga safari comes third after Mysuru zoo and Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru.

The Indian Gaur

  • The conservation breeding of gaur ( bos gaurus) or Indian bison, an endangered species, has been happening at the Mysuru zoo for many years as it is the coordinating zoo for the national conservation breeding programme (CBP) of the CZA.
  • Gaur is a mega herbivore and a major prey species in the wild.
  • Gaur is next to elephant and rhinoceros in size and is critical in prey-predator relations.