Published on: August 4, 2023

GI Tag

GI Tag

Why in news?  Seven products from across India were given GI tag by the Geographical Indications Registry in Chennai.


Additional Information

  • Bebinca is a traditional Indo-Portuguese dessert, known as the Queen of Goan desserts.
  • Jalesar in Etah district in Uttar Pradesh, the capital of Magadha King Jarasandha. This place is known for making decorative metal craft as well as brassware.
  • The ancient art of Koftgari used in making ornamental weaponry with design, heating and then cooling intertwined process of embedding gold and silver wire into the metal
  • Kashidakari work is done majorly on objects associated with marriage, especially gift items, and makes use of mirror work
  • Jodhpur bandhej craft is the Rajasthani art of tying and dyeing by printing varied patterns on fabrics.
  • Bikaner Usta Kala craft is also known as gold nakashi work or gold manauti work, due to the prominence of golden colour, but previously it was actually developed by gold