Published on: February 19, 2022




PM recently inaugurated municipal solid waste based Gobar-Dhan/BIO-CNG plant in Indore


  • Under this scheme Cattle dung, kitchen waste and agricultural waste can be tapped to create biogas-based energy
  • The objectives of this initiative is to make villages clean and to generate wealth and energy from cattle and other waste.
  • Pursued as a priority programme under the Swachch Bharat Mission Grameen-Phase 2.
  • Implemented by Jal Shakthi Ministry.
  • Expected to create opportunities to convert cattle dung and other organic waste to compost, biogas and even larger scale bio-CNG units.


  • Purified form of biogas with over 95% pure methane gas
  • Similar to natural gas in its composition (97% methane) and energy potential
  • While natural gas is a fossil fuel, bio-CNG is a renewable form of energy produced from agricultural and food waste
  • A typical bio-CNG station comprises a biogas purification unit, a compressor, and a high-pressure storage system
  • Bio-CNG is being looked at as an environment-friendly alternative to diesel