Published on: October 7, 2021



What is in news : Ministry of road, transport & highways launched a scheme for “Good Samaritans”

About  :

  • Under the Motor Vehicles law, a Good Samaritan voluntarily helps an accident victim with no expectation of payment or reward, and has no legal obligation to record his involvement or aid the investigation in the case.
  • State governments are responsible for the plan, with the Centre providing an initial grant, but the Union Transport Ministry will give its own award of ₹1 lakh each to the 10 best Good Samaritans in a year.
  • The scheme has:
    • Cash award of Rs 5,000 will be provided per accident, to those saving the life of a road accident victim by rushing the person to hospital within the ‘golden hour’ of the accident.
    • A certification of appreciation.


  • Achieving a reduction in mortality on India’s largely lawless roads warrants determined action on several factors. It includes :
    • Scientific road design and standards
    • Zero tolerance enforcement
  • The Good Samaritan plan can work well if District Committees tasked with awarding these individuals readily recognise their contribution, aided by the police, hospitals and RTOs.

What is golden hour : ‘Golden hour’ is the 1-hour time period after a traumatic injury. During this period, there is the highest possibilities of preventing death by providing prompt medical care.