Published on: September 20, 2021



What is in news : The helicopter-launched Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), Helina, being developed indigenously, has completed all trials and the process for issuing of acceptance of necessity (AoN) by the Army

Details :

  • Third-generation
  • Lock on Before Launch (LOBL) fire and forget class
  • Anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system.
  • All- weather day and night operational capabilities.
  • Can defeat battle tanks with conventional and explosive reactive armour (ERA).
  • Can engage targets both in direct hit mode as well as top attack mode.


About Nag Missile

  • Nag is a third-generation, fire-and-forget, anti-tank guided missile developed by DRDO to support both mechanized infantry and airborne forces of the Indian Army.
  • It is an all-weather condition with day and night capabilities and with a minimum range of 500m and a maximum range of 4 km.
  • Nag can be launched from land and air-based platforms. The land version is currently available for integration on the Nag missile carrier (NAMICA).