Published on: February 23, 2022



Japan has launched its first hydrogen-powered train named HYBARI WHICH COUNTRY HAS ROLLED OUT THE FIRST HYDROGEN-FUELLED TRAIN?

  • In hydrogen-fuelled trains, Europe has been a pioneer
  • Germany launched the world’s first train in 2018 which was built by Alstom SA


  • Hydrogen trains are equipped with fuel cells that produce electricity through a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, a process that leaves steam and water as the only emissions
  • Excess energy is stored in ion lithium batteries on board the train
  • Hydrogen powered vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy
  • The process of conversion takes place either by burning hydrogen in hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle, or by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell to run electric motors
  • Widespread use of hydrogen for fuelling rail transportation is an important element of proposed fuel economy