Published on: October 19, 2023

Iron Dome

Iron Dome

Why in news? Since the beginning of the conflict between Hamas and Israel, the Iron Dome missile defense system in Israel have gained the global importance.


  • Israel has strategically placed at least 10 batteries of Iron dome around the country to protect civilians and vital infrastructure. Each battery can defend an area of nearly 60 square miles.

About Iron Dome

  • Type: All-weather mobile system was designed to destroy short-range projectiles, such as rockets, missiles, and artillery
  • Place of origin: Israel
  • Designer: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries
  • Funding : Initial funding was by Israel and Subsequently, for additional Iron Dome systems was  provided by the United States.


  • It Operates through a combination of radar to detect incoming threats, batteries that launch interceptor missiles carrying proximity warheads, and communication systems to relay guidance data.
  • These batteries can neutralize threats launched from distances of up to 43 miles, while ignoring projectiles that are headed for unpopulated areas.
  • It was developed to counter rocket attacks during the war with Hezbollah in 2006 and became operational in 2011.
  • Success rate of the missile is said over 90%


  • Detection & Tracking Radar
  • Battle Management & Weapon Control
  • Missile Firing Unit: Launches the Tamir interceptor missile, equipped with electro-optic sensors and several steering fins for high manoeuvrability.