Published on: November 9, 2021


KITTUR RANI CHENNAMMA NEWS Mumbai-Karnataka region rechristened as Kittur Karnataka. The name Kittur comes after a historical taluk in Belagavi district in north Karnataka that was ruled by Rani Chennamma


  • Indian queen of Kittur.
  • Kittur was a princely state in Karnataka
  • Fought against the British East India company against the Doctrine of Lapse in 1824. Defeated the Britishers. However, she died in the imprisonment of second rebellion by the company.
  • One of the first female rulers to fight against the Britishers
  • Became the symbol of independence movement in India.
  • Born in Kakati (village is now located in Belgavi district) in 1778.
  • Her husband and son died in 1824
  • Adopted Shivalingappa in 1824 and made him the heir to the throne and ruled in his name
  • Vctory of Rani Chennamma is celebrated during the Kittur Utsav till date, in October