Published on: December 21, 2022

Ladakh GI tag

Ladakh GI tag

Why in news? Ladakh got its first ever Geographical Indication (GI) Tag to its Raktsey Karpo Apricot.


  • Raktsey Karpo Apricot is one of the nine items recently registered in the GI tag
  • Ladakh grows more than thirty types of Apricots, but Raktsey Karpo variety is unique to the region and matchless in sweetness and colourful with white Kernel.

About Ladakh Apricot

  • Ladakh Apricot is classified into two broad categories based on kernel taste and stone colour.
  • Fruits with bitter kernels are called khante meaning bitter,
  • Sweet kernels are called nyarmo meaning sweet.
  • They are further divided into two sub-groups based on seed stone colour.
  • Fruit with white seed stone is called Raktsey Karpo (Rakstey means seed, karpo means white),
  • Those with brown seed stone are called Raktsey Nakpo or Nyarmo (black seeded).

About Apricot in Ladakh

  • Their vibrant orangish red colours, sweet and sour taste make them special in their own way.
  • They have velvety skin and flesh, not too juicy but definitely sweet and smooth and are free from cholesterol and saturated fats
  • They are the major fruit of Ladakh with large scale cultivation in both Leh and Kargil Districts among the nine fruits grown in Ladakh.
  • Apricot is also being promoted under One District One Product for Kargil.
  • Ladakh is the biggest apricot producer in the nation