Published on: February 14, 2022



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LCA TEJAS to participate in Singapore air show -2022 LCA TEJAS

WHAT – Single engined, light weight, highly agile, multi-role supersonic fighter aircraft

DESIGNATED MANUFACTURING UNIT – LCA-Production Group (LCA-PG) (launched in 2002 at HAL)

DESIGNED BY – Aeronautical Development Agency ( designated project manager for the development of LCA )


  • Has quadruplex digital fly-by-wire Flight Control System (FCS) with associated advanced flight control laws
  • Designed for ‘air combat’ and ‘offensive air support’ with ‘reconnaissance’ and ‘anti-ship’ as its secondary roles
  • Extensive use of advanced composites in the airframe gives a high strength to weight ratio, long fatigue life and low radar signatures
  • Stealth features
  • Application of radar-absorbent material (RAM) coatings are intended to minimise its susceptibility to detection and tracking.
  • Equipped with advanced features such as Air-to-Air refuelling and Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile system.