Published on: November 3, 2022

Machchhu River

Machchhu River Why in news?

Ponnur A suspension bridge in the city of Morbi that crossed the river collapsed Which was reopened after repairs and renovation done by a private trust

Morbi bridge

  • It was a pedestrian suspension bridge over the Machchhu River
  • It was connecting the districts of Mahaprabhuji and Samakantha
  • Dates for its construction vary, but according to locals it was built in the 1880’s by Waghji Thakore, the local maharajah.

Machchhu River

  • Machchhu River is a river in Gujarat, India, with its origin in the Madla hills.
  • Its basin has a small length of 130 km
  • Tributaries
  • Left Beti, Asoi
  • RightJamburi, Benia, Machchhori, Maha
  • Mouth :The Rann of kutchh near Maliya