Published on: August 1, 2023

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Why in news?  Bombay High Court bench in Goa , directs Goa government to notify Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary as tiger reserve within 3 months


  • Notifying as tiger reserve to be done under Wild life protection act 1972
  • The demand is due to several sightings of tigers in the state’s forested areas, that run contiguous with forests in Karnataka and Maharashtra along the Western Ghats
  • Upgradation of tiger reserve also has potential to increase overall tiger population in western Ghat region, which spreads through Goa and Karnataka


  • Location
    • Northern Part of Goa, near the village of Valpoi
    • Covers states of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra
  • Declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1999
  • Area – 208.5 square kilometers
  • Characterized by dense evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, deciduous forests, and grasslands, providing habitat to a wide variety of flora and fauna
  • Includes the Vagheri Hills and Vazra Sakla Falls and Virdi Falls
  • Also hosts sacred groves , a part of community conservation
  • Harbors a variety of wildlife, including mammals like Indian gaur (bison), sambar deer, barking deer, leopards, and wild boars.
  • Several species of reptiles, amphibians, and avifauna are also found here, contributing to its ecological richness.
  • It acts as a vital corridor for the movement of wildlife between different forested areas, ensuring genetic exchange and ecological balance