Published on: January 30, 2023

Munroe Island

Munroe Island Why in news? The munroe islanders are facing steady land subsidence, tidal flooding and lower agricultural productivity, that have triggered a mass exodus from the region.


  • A study conducted by the National Centre for Earth Science Studies (NCESS) has revealed anthropogenic interventions as the main reason for the plight of Munroe Thuruthu residents(Kerala’s first set of climate refugees)
  • According to the study, almost 39% of the land area has been lost with Peringalam and Cheriyakadavu islands
  • The increased levels of soil salinity had impacted agriculture while the climate change too contributed to the ecological challenges

What are the steps taken for mitigation ?

  • Study proposes reverse landscaping, a plan integrating all aspects of earth and social sciences, to retrieve the landscape’s original geomorphic state.
  • Strict regulatory measures to control sand mining from Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada river
  • The current construction methods on the island should be replaced with well-studied engineering techniques.
  • An artificial sedimentation process to eradicate the saline banks of deep basins is also suggested as a method that are deposited in reservoir and navigation channel
  • Using of remote sensing data and land survey records to analyse the island’s morphological changes
  • Electrical resistivity meter surveys were conducted to study the sub-surface geology of the land area.

About Munroe Island

  • It is an inland island group located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River, in Kollam district of Kerala
  • This island is also known as “Sinking Island of Kerala”
  • The place is named in honour of Resident Colonel John Munro of the former Princely State of Travancore.
  • Island village is a tourism destination for coir industry, fishing, prawns feeding, migratory bird watch, narrow canals and waterways, coconut farms on the lake shore, lagoons and mangrove plants


  • Munroe island is also known as “Sinking Island of Kerala” are reportedly under a threat of submerging in high tides. Explain out the steps to be taken in the mitigation process