Published on: April 6, 2023

National Maritime Day

National Maritime Day

Why in news? National Maritime Day is celebrated on 5 April in India. The first event of the National Maritime Day or the inaugural ceremony was celebrated in 1964 with an aim to increase awareness about the economy and global trade.


  • The main agenda behind the celebration is symbolizing the necessity of protection, safeguard, and Defence our maritime zone.

What is the history of the day ?

  • On 5 April 1919, a ship named SS Loyalty travelled from Mumbai to London and during this time India was still under the rule of the British.
  • The largest large-scale maritime firm owned by Indians, Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd. owned the ship but the Indian subcontinent and its rivers were governed by the British at the time.
  • India played an important role in the world commerce at the time as it linked the rest of Asia to the European trading behemoths of England, France, and Portugal.
  • This was an important step in the history of Indian shipping and this day is still used as an opportunity to raise awareness of international trade and the global economy.

What is the Significance of the Day ?

  • This day is an appreciation day for people who have made significant contributions to the Indian maritime sector. An award ceremony is held on India’s National Maritime Day during which the Varuna Award is given to few people. The award is a statue of Lord Varuna and a Citation, is the name of this honour.
  • The ‘NMD Award of Excellence’ is also given during celebrations which consist of a trophy and a citation.
  • A Trophy and a Citation is given as a part of “Outstanding Contribution to Maritime Education and Training” award that honors and recognizes the people for their consistent contributions to maritime education and training.
  • After independence, the nation has experienced an increase in shipping. India joined the International Maritime Organization as a partner in 1959 after they took a stand for maritime defense and prevention of ship-related pollution.

What is the theme ?

  • The theme for National Maritime day 2023 is “Amrit Kaal in Shipping.”
  • This 25-year period between India’s 75th and 100th years of independence is referred to as the Golden Era in Shipping.

Maritime India Vision 2030

  • Prime Minister announced the ‘Maritime India Vision 2030’ in November 2020 at Maritime India Summit
  • It is a 10- year blue print for the development if Indian maritime sector
  • The vision seeks to improve India’s waterway , support the shipbuilding sector and promote cruise tourism
  • The Sagarmala project , which was introduced in 2015 , will be replaced by it