Published on: August 13, 2021



where to buy antabuse in canada What is in news : The Odisha government has directed engineers of its Water Resources Department to prepare an action plan for the coastal stretches of the State, which are highly vulnerable to storm surges, within a month along with a map.

matrimonially Details :

  • Plan is to raise saline and flood embankments along the coast to prevent tidal surges from inundating human habitations
  • Reason – Possibility of increased frequency and intensity of the cyclones in the future
  • Identification of “at risk” areas from where permanent evacuation appeared to be the only scientific solution
  • Odisha faces around 35% of cyclonic storms along with tidal surges and is sixth most cyclone prone area of the world
  • Recently,coastal belt witnessed tidal surges of 3.5 metres to 4.5 metres during cyclones


What is a Tidal Surge : An unusual, often destructive rise in sea level above normal high-tide level in a coastal area, caused by a combination of low atmospheric pressure and strong onshore winds during a storm.