Published on: July 24, 2021



What is in news : Study by Department of Water Resources (DOWR), Government of India has shown groundwater is overexploited in Bengaluru Urban district

Details :

  • In 36% of the district, coming under city limits, water quality issues abound owing to pollution, apart from poor recharge.
  • In the remaining 56%, the overexploitation is owing to the complete dependency on groundwater and unmindful drilling of borewells.
  • Apart from the demand and supply gap, urbanisation hindering recharge of ground water, the other issues were leakage of pipes and mining/theft/ pollution of groundwater
  • In peripheral areas, the problems were pertaining to the increase and deepening of borewells and drying up of the Arkavathy, the Kumudvathi, and the Hesaraghatta reservoir.

Recommendations to tackle the issue :

  • Dual piping for potable and non-potable water
  • Reuse of grey water
  • Adopting scientific augmentation of groundwater recharge
  • Reduction of unaccounted for water to less than 20%, and other measures in line with order of the National Green Tribunal to prevent pollution of waterbodies
  • Extending the Cauvery water supply to peripheral areas
  • Using grey water for irrigation
  • Involving citizens’ groups and local communities in rejuvenation of rivers and waterbodies

What has been done :

  • Safeguarding waterbodies and restoring the original drain network by clearing encroachments
  • Preventing sewage and effluents from entering the drains and water bodies
  • Filling up tanks and lakes with treated water

Way forward :

  • Apart from regulating permissions for drilling borewells, the authority should also ensure the borewells are metered
  • Every borewell must have a recharge structure