Published on: December 4, 2021




Centre has refused to accept Odisha state demand of declaring Paika revolution as first war of independence


  • Paika Bidroha/Paika Rebellion
  • Took place in 1817 nearly 40 years before the first sepoy mutiny
  • Paikas were peasant militas of the Gajapati rulers of Odisha who offered military services to the king.
  • British established themselves in Odisha when the East India company dethroned the King of Khurda, Raja Mukunda Deva in 1803.
  • In 1804, the king planned a rebellion against the British and roped in the Paikas for the same. But the plan was discovered by the British who confiscated his entire territory.
  • Paikas lost their estates when the new colonial establishments and land revenue settlements of the British came into force.
  • Continuous interference in the economy and revenue systems led to exploitation and oppression of the peasants and farmers eventually triggering a rebellion against the British.
  • A large number of Paikas were mobilised under the leadership of Bakshi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar, who then confronted the British on April 2, 1817. A 400-strong party of Kandhas crossed over into Khurda from Ghumsur and declared rebellion.
  • Government buildings in Banapur were set on fire, policemen killed and the British treasury looted.
  • Over the next few months, the revolt continued but was eventually overpowered by the British army.
  • Bidyadhar was imprisoned in 1825 and died while still in jail four years later. The rebellion was supressed