Published on: March 9, 2022


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The National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) has now deployed “PARAM Ganga”, a supercomputer at IIT Roorkee, with a supercomputing capacity of 1.66 Petaflops

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  • Designed and commissioned by C-DAC under Phase 2 of the build approach of the NSM
  • Based on a heterogeneous and hybrid configuration of Intel Xeon Cascade lake processors, and NVIDIA Tesla V100
  • Cluster consists of compute nodes connected with the Mellanox (HDR) InfiniBand interconnect network


  • Plan by Government to create a cluster of seventy supercomputers connecting various academic and research institutions across India
  • Approved in April 2015
  • Set up to provide the country with supercomputing infrastructure to meet the increasing computational demands of academia, researchers, MSMEs, and startups by creating the capability design, manufacturing, of supercomputers indigenously in India