Published on: October 26, 2023

Project Udbhav

Project Udbhav

Why in news? Defence Minister  launched the  ‘Project Udbhav’


  • Programme is a collaboration between the Army and the United Service Institution of India (USI) ,a defence services think tank.
  • Aim: To promote indigenous military knowledge by merging ancient strategic insights with modern military practices
  • It takes an inspiration from ancient Indian treatises such as Arthashastra by Chanakya, Nitisara by Kamandaki, epic Mahabharata and Thirukkural, the classical Tamil text authored by Thiruvalluvar


  • Effectively integrate ancient wisdom with modern military pedagogy through interdisciplinary research, workshops and leadership seminars.
  • It will facilitate emergence of previously under-explored thoughts and theories related to strategic thinking, statecraft and warfare, foster deeper understanding and contribute to enriching military training curricula


  • Understanding of ancient military system and indigenous strategic military culture through the study of evolution of Indian military system
  • Educating junior military and senior military commanders about the theories concepts and teachings available in classical texts
  • Facilitate the creation of a knowledge pool for scholars and defence personnel for further studies
  • Understanding of the relevance of ancient findings in a contemporary context with Incorporation of relevant aspects of historical military thoughts.