Published on: December 20, 2022

Purse seine fishing

Purse seine fishing

Why in news? Centre raised its voice over ban imposed by coastal States on purse seine fishing with Supreme court


  • The Fisheries Department of the Union government has recommended the lifting of the ban on purse seine fishing on a report submitted by an expert committee
  • Committee recommended purse seiners to fish in territorial waters and the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) subject to certain conditions.
  • It also suggested the framing of a “national management plan on purse seine fisheries

What is Purse Seine Fishing ?

  • A vertical net ‘curtain’ is used to surround the school of fish, the bottom of is then drawn together to enclose the fish, rather like tightening the cords of a drawstring purse
  • This fishing in open water is generally considered to be an efficient form of fishing.
  • It has no contact with the seabed and can have low levels of bycatch (accidental catch of unwanted species).
  • Can also be used to catch fish congregating around fish aggregating devices.
  • This fishing method can result in higher levels of bycatch.

Why Purse seine fishing is banned in some states ?

  • This mode of fishing uses a wide net to draw in not only the targeted fish but also at-risk varieties, including turtles
  • It is also known to disadvantage endangered species