Published on: August 10, 2021


QUIT INDIA What is in news : Remembrance day of Quit India celebrated About :

  • Launch – August 8 and 9, 1942
  • Why – A peaceful non-violent movement aimed at urging the British to grant India independence.
  • Venue – Mumbai’s Gowalia Tank Maidan (also known as August Kranti Maidan)
  • By – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Gave the slogans ‘Quit India’ or ‘Bharat Chodo’. Gandhi gave the slogan to the people – ‘Do or die’
  • Quit India resolution of Congress –
    • An immediate end to British rule over India.
    • Declaration of the commitment of free India to defend itself against all kinds of imperialism and fascism.
    • Formation of a provisional government of India after British withdrawal.
    • Sanctioning a civil disobedience movement against British rule.
  • Gandhi’s instructions to various sections of the public:
    • Government servants: do not resign your job but proclaim loyalty to the INC.
    • Soldiers: be with the army but refrain from firing on compatriots.
    • Peasants: pay the agreed-upon rent if the landlords/Zamindars are anti-government; if they are pro-government, do not pay the rent.
    • Students: can leave studies if they are confident enough.
    • Princes: support the people and accept the sovereignty of them.
    • People of the princely states: support the ruler only if he is anti-government; declare themselves as
  • Significance –
    • Despite heavy-handed suppression by the government, the people were unfazed and continued their struggle.
    • Even though the government said that independence could be granted only after the end of the war, the movement drove home the point that India could not be governed without the support of the Indians.
    • The movement placed the demand for complete independence at the top agenda of the freedom movement.
    • Public morale and anti-British sentiment were enhanced.