Published on: August 16, 2021



What is in news : Four more wetlands from India have been added to the Ramsar list and have been recognized as wetlands of global importance in accordance with the Ramsar Convention.

Which are the wetlands :

  • Thol from Gujarat
  • Wadhwana from Gujarat
  • Sultanpur from Haryana
  • Bhindawas from Haryana.
  • These sites are home to endangered Egyptian Vulture, Sociable Lapwing, Saker Falcon, and near threatened Dalmatian Pelican.

Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

  • The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands is an international treaty for “the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands”. It is also known as the Convention on Wetlands.
  • It is named after the city of Ramsar in Iran where it was signed on 2nd of February 1971.
  • The 2nd of February each year is World Wetlands Day.
  • The number of parties to the convention (COP) is171 (as of May 2021).
  • At the centre of the Ramsar philosophy is the “wise use” of wetlands.
  • Wise use: maintenance of ecological character within the context of sustainable development.

Ramsar Site

  • When a country accedes to the Convention, it must designate at least one wetland as a Wetland of International Importance.
  • The inclusion of a “Ramsar Site” in the List embodies the government’s commitment to take the steps necessary to ensure that its ecological character is maintained.
  • There are over 2,400 Ramsar Sites covering 2.5 million sq km on the territories of 171 Ramsar Contracting Parties across the world.
  • The world’s first Site was the Cobourg Peninsula in Australia, designated in 1974.
  • The countries with the most Ramsar Sites are the United Kingdom with 175 and Mexico with 142.
  • Bolivia has the largest area under Ramsar protection.