Published on: March 10, 2023

‘Rastha’ initiative

‘Rastha’ initiative

Why in news? To train trauma responders like police, ambulance drivers and citizens, Rajiv Gandhi University’s ‘Jeeva Raksha Trust’, in collaboration with the health and family welfare department, launched the ‘Rastha’ (Rapid Response, Assessment, Stabilisation and Safe Transport in Highway Accidents) initiative.


  • The ministry of road transport and highways has identified 26 accident hotspots in nine districts across the state, where people living within a 3-km radius will be trained.
  • The initiative aims to save thousands of lives lost in accidents, by giving necessary training to responders like police, fire safety personnel, ambulance drivers, hospital staff and interested citizens in handling polytrauma victims (injury to multiple body parts and organs).
  • Accident hotspots identified by the ministry in 2022 fall in the districts of Mandya, Mysuru, Hubbali-Dharwad, Tumakuru, Davangere, Belagavi, Kalaburagi and Mangaluru.
  • Through the ‘Rastha’ initiative, each hotspot will have 160 skilled responders and 60 trained hospital staff. In addition, two government-affiliated trauma centres will have targeted, staff training sessions to improve skills in managing complex polytrauma victims.
  • “Rastha will help supplement the efforts of our health department in extending free medical treatment in empanelled hospitals for the victims of road accidents.

The need for the initiative

  • Karnataka is losing nearly 4,000 lives every year in road accidents, and the aim is to reduce the number of deaths.