Published on: February 15, 2023

Sant Sevalal Maharaj

Sant Sevalal Maharaj

Why in news? Sant Sevalal 284th Birth anniversary will be celebrated on  February 15th.


About Sevalal Maharaj

  • He was an Indian socio-religious reformer, community leader, and is revered by the Kshatriyas Gor Banjara community as a spiritual guru.
  • Born at Surgondankoppa of Davangere district
  • Sri Sevalal played a key role in fighting for Kshatriyas Banjaras identity, langauge and right over forest and their traditional landscape in central and southern India (Deccan land).
  • He fought with the Nizam ruler, the Mysuru ruler, and also negotiated with the British rulers in the 18th century.
  • Sant strived to create permanent habitation to Banjara community and bring them into mainstream of society
  • He was a disciple of Jagadamba and was celibate throughout his life.
  • Sevalal Maharaj died at Ruhigarh and was buried at Poharagarh in Washim district (Maharashtra).
  • The colonial British administrators also quote his stories, but they place him in the 18th century and identify his original name as Siva Rathod.