Published on: August 3, 2023

‘Semicon India 2023’

‘Semicon India 2023’

Why in news?  Semicon 2023 held



  • Annual conference organized by the India Semiconductor Mission (ISM)
  • Objective
    • Promoting the growth and development of India’s semiconductor industry
    • Showcase India’s capabilities in semiconductor design and manufacturing while facilitating networking and knowledge exchange among participants


  • What – Materials which have a conductivity between conductors (generally metals) and non-conductors or insulators (such as most ceramics)
  • What causes semi-conductivity – By altering conductivity and other properties with the introduction of impurities, called doping
  • Areas used – Consumer electronic goods like mobile phones, laptops, games consoles, microwaves and refrigerators all operate with the use of semiconductor components

Why are Semiconductors Important?

  • Lifeblood of the modern information age
  • Enable electronic products to compute and control actions that simplify our lives
  • Semiconductor chips are the drivers for ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) development and one of the key reasons for the current flattening of the world.
  • Used in critical infrastructures such as communication, power transmission, etc., that have implications for national security