Published on: February 10, 2023

Shivappa Nayaka palace

Shivappa Nayaka palace

Why in news? The Shivappa Nayaka palace in Shivamogga city will be the first historical monument in the state to be developed under the Smart City mission.


  • Shivappa Nayaka palace is one of the oldest wooden palaces in the state.
  • It has been selected for two reasons as ,situated in the city limits and is a major tourist spot.

What are the innovations undertaken in the project?

  • The palace is  only being restored without harming the original structure, but also an interactive museum is being set up on its premises.
  • Displaying diverse and rare objects with archaeological importance including stone sculptures, arms & ammunition, palm-leaf manuscripts, bronze objects, coins and inscriptions in separate galleries, in the courtyard of the palace.
  • Galleries will be set up in the museum in chronological order, right from the pre-historic period.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality technology are being employed to give visitors a real-time experience.
  • Each gallery will have an interactive kiosk to provide details about ticketing and audio guides.

About Government Museum (Shivappa Nayaka Palace)

  • It is named after the popular 17th-century king Shivappa Nayaka of the Keladi Nayaka dynasty is located in Shivamogga city.
  • The palace was constructed by Venkatappa Nayaka of Keladi Nayaka dynasty in the 17th century, and Shivappa Nayaka renovated
  • According to art historian George Michell, the palatial bungalow was actually built by the 18th century Mysore ruler Hyder Ali.
  • The two storied building comprises a Durbar hall with massive wooden pillars and lobed arched panels.