Published on: July 29, 2023

Silvopasture System

Silvopasture System

Why in news?  Silvopasture systems gains significance for local climate resilience against deforestation driven by an increased demand for pasture by cattle


What is Silvopasture system ?

  • It is an ancient and proven practice that harmoniously integrates trees, forage and livestock on the same land.
  • Rotational grazing is a key management activity when using silvopasture in order to minimize damage to trees.

What are the advantages of the system ?

  • It helps to regulate local climatic conditions, buffering against temperature and wind extremes, providing a favourable living environment for livestock.
  • The extensive root systems of trees within silvopasture plots contribute to nutrient cycling, improved soil stability and quality and combating erosion.
  • Soil infiltration rates in silvopasture enhances water storage potential.
  • They helps in creating more favourable microclimates and improved animal welfare.