Published on: August 14, 2021



What is in news : Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, today launched ‘SonChiraiya’ – (A brand and logo)- for marketing of urban Self-Help Group (SHG) products.

Additional Info:


  • Under the aegis of MoHUA
  • Focussed on equipping the urban poor women with adequate skills and opportunities, and to enable them to promote sustainable micro enterprises
  • Mobilises women from urban poor households into SHGs and their federations to create a support system for these women.
  • Over 5.7 lakh SHGs have been formed across various States/ UTs with almost 60 lakh members.
  • Many of these SHGs are engaged in livelihood activities, producing goods such as handicrafts, textiles, toys, eatables and so on. These were being sold primarily in local neighbourhood markets and often faced barriers in achieving visibility and wide market access.
  • To overcome these challenges, Ministry entered into Memorundum of Understandings (MoUs) with leading e-Commerce Portals viz. Amazon and Flipkart, with an underlying narrative of women empowerment.
  • This is of particular significane during the event of Atmaribhar Nari Shakthi