Published on: August 21, 2021



What is in news: Police stations in the North division of the city have embraced the QR code-based Subahu e-beat system.

What is the benefit :

  • Under the previous conventional logbook system, beat police had to manually record their movements via swiping machines installed along their respective beats. In the old system, there was scope for manipulation as there was no proper monitoring, said police officials.
  • With Subahu, beat police have to scan QR codes placed along their routes with their mobile phones. The app uses face recognition and allows police officers to download photos and write remarks for better and quick response. The system can also be monitored on a real-time basis from the control room.
  • As soon as the beat policeman scans the code, the officer in-charge will not only get a confirmation, but will also be able to track his or her movement through GPS. The remarks recorded in the app can be stored and analysed for future policing and planning.

What is police beat system :In police terminology, a beat is the territory that a police officer patrols. Beat policing is based on traditional policing and utilizes the close relationship with the community members within the assigned beat to improve police effectiveness and encourage co- operative efforts to make a community safer.