Published on: October 4, 2021



What is in news : First ever retreat ceremony to be held at Suchetgarh

About : Suchetgarh is a village in Sultanpur Lodhi tehsil in Kapurthala district of Punjab, India. The village is administrated by a Sarpanch who is an elected representative of village as per the constitution of India and Panchayati raj (India). It was the place where the two military delegations delineated the Line of Control until the point NJ9842.

Why this move : It will boost tourism potential of the area


Suchetgarh Agreement

  • Signed in 1972
  • Delineated the ‘line of control’ in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Resulted from the ceasefire of December 1971 thereby renaming the CFL as the LoC.
  • Indian negotiators not only changed the nomenclature of the India-Pakistan dividing line in Kashmir and the physical alignment of the border in Jammu and Kashmir, but also made the UNMOGIP presence in Kashmir irrelevant.
  • UN force was mandated to ensure a ceasefire on the CFL, but there was no CFL after 1972, and, more so, the UN was not even a party to the Simla Agreement unlike the Karachi Agreement.