Published on: July 11, 2023

Trin Trin

Trin Trin

Why in news? Trin Trin is all set to be taken a notch higher with the Karnataka Government embarking on a project to revamp it with technological interventions.


Trin Trin Gear Cycle

How Trin Trin can be viewed as Model for Sustainable Transportation?

  • Boost to electric vehicle: The revamped Trin Trin programme induct e cycles that are helpful to cycle in hassle free manner that also reduces carbon foot print . They help in ascend the higher elevation with ease.
  • Green technology to reduce pollution: This cycles do not run on gas and diesel, which release carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Electric bikes rely on both human and electric energy to be propelled. The electric energy will be provided by a rechargeable battery.
  • Reduces traffic congestion :As mysore is well planned and interconnected, this electric cycles address traffic congestion through valid substitution for cars on short trips, contribute to the use of public transport by providing effective last-mile connectivity and simply take up less space on the road.
  • Alternate mode of transportation: The main objective of this intiative is encouraging local commuters as well as visitors is to adopt cycle instead of using other modes of transport with cheaper cost.
  • Integration with technology: System of docking the bicycles will also shift from the beam-style dock to dockless system with an Internet of Things (IoT)-based integrated lock system. Dock-less hubs, that are geo-fenced, will create a virtual boundary that enables the software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.
  • Cycle tourism: : Mysuru being a city of heritage buildings and various tourist spots, there is always an opportunity to promote cycle tourism that can rent bicycles for a day, couple of days or even for a week
  • Community benefits: Trin Trin comprise a wider coverage area, improved riding experience, ease of accessibility with fully automatic system, lower operational cost, higher uptake, as the system is suitable for students and the younger population.

Way Forward

  • The government can create awareness about the health benefits of cycling and the importance of using bicycles for last-mile connectivity
  • The city administration need to focus on constructing the network of high quality, segregated cycle paths and improving signage
  • Government should make cycling more affordable on public transit for those who cycle to work or school.