Published on: April 1, 2022




Utakala Dibasha or Odisha Day is celebrated every year on April 1


  • Why – Celebrated to remember Odisha’s formation after the struggle it faced to be recognized as an independent state of the country
  • Earlier the state was called Orissa but in 2011 the Orissa Bill and Constitution Bill (113rd amendment) was passed by the Lok Sabha and the state was renamed Odisha
  • The present-day Odisha was a major part of the ancient Kalinga. The epic Kalinga War was witnessed by this region. This war was led by King Ashoka who in 260 BC had invaded and conquered this region
  • Mughals invaded and took over this state and from them, in 1803 the British took over power and divided this region into small units.
  • The northern and western districts were merged with Bengal while the coastal region was the part of Orissa and Bihar. After struggling for decades, on 1st April 1936, the new province of Odisha came into existence.