Published on: April 19, 2022



According to the United States Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Vaquita porpoise is nearing extinction and immediate measures are needed to save the remaining population

indestructibly DETAILS

  • World’s smallest cetacean
  • Most endangered marine mammal (IUCN – critically endangered)
  • Has the smallest range of any whale, dolphin or porpoise
  • Only lives in a small 1,500 square-mile area in Mexico’s upper Gulf of California, near the town of San Felipe
  • Has a rounded head and black patches around its mouth and eyes, measures up to five feet in size


  • The vaquita population has been in sharp decline for decades, recently accelerated by illegal fishing with gill-nets for the vulnerable totoaba, a large fish sought after for its swim bladder.
  • The small animal frequently gets caught in fixed fishing nets (gill-nets), as by-catch.