Published on: August 14, 2021


WATER MOLECULES ON MOON What is in news : Chandrayaan-2 orbiter of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has detected water molecules on Moon’s surface

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  • Widespread lunar hydration and unambiguous detection of OH and H2O signatures in between 29-degree north and 62-degree north latitudes on the moon
  • Formation of hydroxyl or water molecules happens due to a process called space weathering. This process is completed when the solar winds blow over the lunar surface
  • Significance :This study becomes significance for future planetary exploration for resource utilisation because several international missions are lined up towards moon for the upcoming years.


  • ISRO launched its Chandrayaan-2 mission in 2019.
  • It suffered a tragic crash when the lander got damaged. However, its orbiter has helped in new discoveries.
  • This mission aims to study not just one area of the Moon but the areas combining the exosphere as well including the surface and sub-surface of the moon.