Published on: August 3, 2023

World Coffee Conference

World Coffee Conference

Why in news?  Bengaluru is all set to host the fifth edition of the World Coffee Conference (WCC 2023).


International Coffee Organisation

  • Set up in 1963
  • Under the auspices of the United Nations
  • Aim – boost the economic importance of coffee globally
  • Only inter-governmental organisation for coffee and represents 93% of world coffee production and 63% of world consumption
  • India is a member

About Coffee board of India

  • Established by an act of Parliament in 1942
  • Under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Head office is situated in Bangalore
  • Functions
    • promotion of sale and consumption of coffee in India and abroad
    • conducting coffee research
    • financial assistance to establish small coffee growers
    • safeguarding working conditions for labourers
    • manage the surplus pool of unsold coffee