1) Recently famous director Buddhadeb Dasgupta passed away. He belonged to which state?

A) West Bengal

B) Bihar

C) Jharkhand

D) Chattisgarh

2) Which of the following organizations started microATM services for milk producers?

A) Amul

B) Nandini

C) Dudhsagar

D) Parag

3) Which country became first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender?

A) Eucador

B) El Salvador

C) Kenya

D) South Africa

4) CORPAT naval exercise is conducted between which India and which country?

A) Thailand

B) Bhutan

C) China

D) None of the above

5) Which country recently passed SWEEPING PACKAGE of legislation?



C) Russia

D) France

6) Where is Indian Institute of Buisness Management located?

A) Bangalore

B) Mysore

C) Chennai

D) Kolkata

7) Which of the following institution has developed cyclone early detection system using eddie detection technique?


B) IIT Delhi

C) IIT Kharagpur

D) None of the above


8) Recently Boxer Ngangom Dingko Singh passed away. He belonged to Which state?

A) Manipur

B) Mizoram

C) Meghalaya

D) None of the above


9)Recently Antonio Guteress has been appointed as secretary general of United Nations security council for second time. He belongs to which country?

A) Portugal

B) Canada

C) France

D) Italy

10) Where is Indian Military Academy located?

A) Kutch

B) Dehradun

C) Ladakh

D) Chandigarh

11) Which state recently launched a scheme to provide financial assistance for maintenance of trees?

A) Haryana

B) Chandigarh

C) Punjab

D) Rajastan

12) ‘Ooru Keri’ is a autobiography of which of the following ?

A) Chandrashekar Kambar

B) U R Anantamoorty

C) Girish Karnad

D) T Siddalingaiah

13) Where is ‘Seema Sadak Bhavan’ located?

A) Bihar

B) Sikkim

C) Uttar Pradesh

D) New Delhi

14) Which country is providing Iran with Kanopus-V satellite?

A) Russia

B) China


D) Japan

15)’AKHAR’ is a app developed by which of the following state?

A) Punjab

B) Haryana

C) Chandigarh

D) Rajasthan