Published on: July 15, 2022



Why in news?

Indian soldiers patrolling on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), when they come face to face with Chinese soldiers, will soon be able to understand Mandarin and reply back instantly, with the help of a 600gm Artificial Intelligence-based device developed by an Indian start-up.


  • It is an offline handheld language translation system which works based on AI. It has been tested in the forward areas and Army has given lot of assistance. Its performance will improve as more data comes from the field.
  • It is bidirectional with a range of 5-10 feet and converts Mandarin to English.
  • The first demonstration was done in 2017 and since then, there have been several trials.
  • Troops of India and China come face to face on various occasions during patrols and local commanders too interact at various levels as part of efforts to maintain peace on the ground. Language is a major hindrance and interpreters need to be present during occasions like flag meetings.