Published on: November 24, 2022

Arctic Power

Arctic Power

Why in news?

Two nuclear-powered icebreakers launched by Russia to  ensure year-round navigation in the Western Arctic.


  • Launch ceremony : Petersburg in northern Russia
  • Both icebreakers were laid down as part of a large serial project and are part of our large-scale, systematic work to re-equip and replenish the domestic icebreaker fleet, to strengthen Russia’s status as a great Arctic power
  • Yakutia nuclear icebreaker was launched into the water in the docks
  • Two other icebreakers in the same series, the Arktika and the Sibir, are already in service, and another, the Chukotka, is scheduled for 2026.

What is Nuclear-powered icebreaker?

  • It is an icebreaker with an on-board nuclear power plant that produces power for the vessel’s propulsion system
  • Russia is the only country that builds and operates nuclear-powered icebreakers, having built a number of such vessels to aid shipping along the Northern Sea Route

Arctic Circle

  • It is one of the two polar circles, and the most northerly of the five major circles of latitude as shown on maps of Earth.
  • Its southern equivalent is the Antarctic Circle.
  • Arctic Circle : Arctic Ocean, the Scandinavian Peninsula, North Asia, Northern America, and Greenland
  • Land within the Arctic Circle: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark , and Iceland