Published on: November 8, 2021




Politicization of Ban on Chhath Pooja is being witnessed


  • Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun god and his wife Usha in order to thank them for bestowing the bounties of life on earth.
  • The Goddess who is worshipped is known as Chhathi Maiya (also known as Usha, wife of the sun god).
  • Meaning of word – sixth
  • Festival is celebrated on the sixth day of the month Kartika of the Hindu lunar Bikram Sambat calendar.
  • Rituals:
    • Observed over a period of four days.
    • Include holy bathing, fasting, standing in water for long periods of time, and offering prayers and food to the setting and rising sun.
  • Who observe it – The main worshipers, called Parvaitin, are usually women. However, many men also observe this festival as Chhath is not a gender-specific festival.
  • Regions: The festival is observed most elaborately in Mithila Province of Nepal, Terai-Madhesh region of Nepal, Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and UP. It is also more prevalent in areas where migrants from those areas have a presence.