Published on: July 15, 2021


DISHA BILL What is in news : Andhra Pradesh Disha Bill has received President’s assent Details:

  • The Andhra Pradesh Disha Bill, 2019 i.e. Andhra Pradesh Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2019 provides for death sentence for offences of rape and gangrape
  • A Women & Children Offenders Registry is to be established, operated and maintained by the Andhra Pradesh Government in an electronic form. This registry will be made public and will be available to law enforcement agencies.
  • The judgment will have to be pronounced in 21 working days from date of offence in cases of rape crimes with substantial conclusive evidence
  • The Bill prescribes life imprisonment for sexual offences against children.
  • In cases of harassment of women through email, social media, digital mode or any other form, the guilty shall be punishable with imprisonment
  • Exclusive special courts in each district of the State to ensure speedy trial
  • Constitution of special police teams and appointment of the special public prosecutor in special courts. There is no such provision in existing laws.
  • Since it amends CrPC, it was reserved for presidential assent