Published on: December 3, 2021




President of India Pays Homage to Dr Rajendra Prasad on His Birth Anniversary


  • Born in Bihar on 3 December 1884.
  • Went to the Chapra District School
  • Won a scholarship to study at the University of Calcutta and joined the Presidency College in Calcutta.
  • Completed his MA in Economics in 1907
  • Was an active social activist and joined the Dawn Society and the Servants of India Society.
  • Pursued a career as a teacher in various institutions following which he pursued a law degree.
  • Won a doctorate in law from the Patna University
  • In 1916 commenced his legal career in the Patna High Court.


  • Started during his student days
  • Attended an Indian National Congress session as a volunteer in 1906.
  • Joined the organisation in 1911
  • Inspired by the Mahatma
  • Quit his legal career and jumped into the freedom movement
  • Participated in the non-cooperation movement in 1920
  • Deeply moved by Gandhi’s dedication and conviction.
  • Active part in the rehabilitation work after the 1914 floods and the 1934 earthquake in Bihar
  • Released two days after the earthquake after which he formed the Bihar Central Relief Committee.
  • Became the Congress president in 1934 at its Bombay session
  • Chosen president once again in 1939.
  • 3 years in jail after the Quit India Movement.


  • Jawaharlal Nehru Interim Government in 1946 – in charge of the Food and Agriculture Department.
  • In December 1946 – elected as the Constituent Assembly’s President.
  • After the Constitution of India was ratified – chosen to be India’s first President.
  • Remained president till 1962 for a period of 12 years( longest-serving president till date)
  • Awarded Bharat Ratna in 1962

Literary Works

  • Mahatma Gandhi and Bihar, Some Reminiscences
  • Satyagraha at Champaran
  • Atmakatha
  • Division of India
  • Since Independence