Published on: July 12, 2022



Why in news?

Minister for Handloom, Textiles, Sugarcane Development and Sugar said that it has been planned to irrigate 10,000 hectares of farmland through the Sri Yogeshwar Lift Irrigation Project in Navalgund and Hubballi taluks.


  • A drone survey for the ambitious project to irrigate 10,000 hectares at Byahatti village in Hubbali taluk was initiated.
  • The project is aimed at utilising the 1.5 tmcft of water available in the Tuppari Halla during the rainy season.
  • Through the project, it has been planned to fill up murram quarries spread over 102 acres in Byahatti (40 acres), Thirlapur (34 acres) and Tali Morab (28 acres) and lift water to irrigate the farmland. The water available will be used to irrigate farmland in Morab, Byahatti, Sulla and Thirlapur villages.

Paramashivaiah Committee report

  • As per Paramashivaiah Committee report, flowing water will be stopped to be collected at a public place and make it available to all.