Published on: February 17, 2022


ELECTION OF SPEAKER OF STATE ASSEMBLY Twitter account is worth ! What\\\\\\\\\'s yours worth?fbclid=IwAR2x66vbK0TvuF-2yBQuiMBZaISrzmHdR0wUoAuQSDas85EJrZ3j63WdRJQ NEWS

Maharashtra assembly will get a new Speaker in its budget session ABOUT

  • Article 178 for state Assemblies state that these Houses “shall, as soon as may be”, choose two of its members to be Speaker and Deputy Speaker
  • Governor sets a date for the election of the Speaker
  • The legislators of the respective Houses vote to elect one among themselves to these offices
  • The Constitution provides that the office of the Speaker should never be empty
  • So, he/she continues in office until the beginning of the next House, except in the event of death or resignation