Published on: March 26, 2022



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  • In this index Gujarat has topped for the second time in a row. It is followed by Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Haryana.
  • This index is date-driven and looks to identify the key areas which are critical for subnational export promotion.
  • The latest edition of the index has highlighted that most of the country’s coastal states are among the best performers.
  • The index’s second edition will act as a catalyst for the promotion of competitive federalism.
  • All the states and UTs of the nation are ranked by this index on four main pillars which are business ecosystem, policy, export performance, and export ecosystem.
  • This index
    • Provides a comprehensive analysis of the country’s export achievements
    • Used by the UTs and the states to compare their respective performance with their peers
    • Can also be used to analyze the challenges faced while developing better policies to foster growth from exports
  • It also looks to promote fair contest among the nation’s UTs and states in the landscape of global exports.