Published on: June 24, 2022



Why in news?

Fasal Bhavantar Kawach an Insurance scheme launched to protect chilli farmers in A.P. from price fluctuations


  • Syngenta India has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Agriculture Insurance Company of India (AIC) with an aim to safeguard farmers from unfavourable price fluctuations due to unpredictable market conditions.
  • The agreement will facilitate guaranteeing a fair price to farmers for their produce by indemnifying them for losses incurred due to a fall in market prices.
  • The initiative was designed to provide small farmers the requisite shield against market price fluctuation, securing their income and supporting them to keep cultivating the preferred crop.
  • This scheme would be a game-changer for the growers of chilli. At the Guntur APMC, around 80% of the red dry chilli auction would happen and so it was the right place to launch the pilot project.
  • Fasal Bhavantar Kawach, an insurance policy of AIC, protects policyholders against unexpected falls in market prices.